Contractor Reviews for Homeowners

If you are considering taking on a home painting project, whether interior or exterior, you should read this first. Of all the types of Do-It-Yourself home projects, painting is right up there at the top. It does not require expensive equipment or tools to get the work done, and by watching a couple YouTube videos you can learn a tremendous amount and avoid some mistakes. Of course one thing to be aware of is if you are doing the outside and you have a 2 story house, you are going to be up on a ladder, and this can be dangerous.

One thing to be aware of beyond the complexity is the time it takes to paint the inside or outside of your house. For a 1400 square foot rancher it can take the better part of a week if you are working at least 8 hours per day. If you are thinking you might prefer to hire a contractor, you can likely find a lot of painters in your area. One such is Painters Richmond Va. Call and talk to them, look at on-line reviews, and do your homework to give yourself the best chances of having a good experience.